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Stori, the weed stash box that won 6 international design awards

weed stash box
Stori App recently won the prestigious Red Dot Award in the brand & communication category for their innovation in creating a cannabis accessory, such as a weed stash box. This award is a huge accomplishment for the company and has been widely recognized in the design world. In an effort to spread the word about their revolutionary product, Stori is encouraging customers to share their story on Instagram, showing their before and after journey of using the Stori weed stash box. By doing so, customers will be demonstrating the impact Stori can have on a cannabis experience, and help spread the word about the importance of having a safe and stylish cannabis storage solution.

Indica vs. Sativa: A Guide to Understanding Cannabis Strains and Picking Your Pot Personality

Indica vs. Sativa
The world of weed has come a long way, baby! Gone are the days of buying a bag of "dank" and just hoping for the best. With the rise of modern technology and scientific research, a whole new world of knowledge about the different strains of cannabis has emerged, making it easier than ever to find the perfect strain for you. So, buckle up, grab a munchies stash, and let's dive into the world of pot personalities.

How to Master the Art of Weed Storage

weed storage
This blog post provides essential tips on how to store weed safely and correctly to ensure that your buds stay fresh and potent. Learn about the importance of airtight containers, the right storage location, and the Stori App for informed decisions.