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So, what exactly are terpenes ?

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What are terpenes ? 

Terpenes are essential oil components in the  cannabis plant and are responsible for the aroma and flavour. Other than adding to the flavour and aroma to unique strains, they have been identified to impact the effects experienced by different strains or chemovars.


Are terpenes unique to the cannabis plant?

Nope! Terpenes are not unique to the cannabis plant - there have been approximately 20,000  terpenes identified. These terpenes can be found in mangoes, lemons, limes, oranges, rosemary, dill, parsley, pine trees and many more plants all over the world. 

Have you talked to your kids about cannabis yet?

Stori cannabis storage| talk to kids about cannabis

Happy Mother’s Day friends! 

With legalization sweeping through the United States in 2021, we are celebrating parents who roll!  We’ve created a simple Q&A for parents who choose to talk to their kids about cannabis. 

Are you a parent who rolls? We would love to hear your opinion in this short survey. You will receive up to 25% off Stori after completing this short survey. 

Stori Made it to Mexico; Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cannabis legalization in Mexico

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We fully endorse making yourself a margarita or cracking a Corona, it's 5 o'clock somewhere! 

Mexico has amazing cannabis news to celebrate this Cinco de Mayo. In March, 2021 lawmakers in Mexico approved a bill to legalize recreational cannabis. Once the bill is finalized, Mexico is set to become the 3rd country in the world to legalize cannabis, after Uruguay and Canada. Based on Mexico's population of 127 million people, Mexico will become the largest legalized cannabis market in the world!

Where else is cannabis legal ? 

Check out the "trip-advisor" for cannabis laws at