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Store your 🌿 like you store your wine, with respect and in style.

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Stori - Smart Storage Solution

Modular storage that combines thoughtful features and beautiful design.
Store safely

Stori's child-resistant mechanism keeps your products away from children, pets, and others who could be at risk.


The Pods and Tubes are designed with FDA certified food-grade aluminum for a safe contact with any products.

Stay organized

Keep your products organized at home and on the go with Stori's modular colour-coded containers that match your strains.


Pods and Tubes are design to be airtight, keeping scents in and smells out.

Humidity Control

The Pod lids are designed to store 2 way humidity control packs to keep products fresh.

Mobile App

Easy access to your purchase history, product reviews, and product recommendations with Stori's mobile app.

Smart Stori App

Discover new products, keep track of inventory, and learn about your trends with this simple to use app.

Stori - Smart Storage Solution App
Stori - Smart Storage Solution App
  • Product inventory and history

    Use the app to keep track of what product you store in each Pod and Tube.

  • Product recommendations

    Based on products that are similar to what you've tried and are available in your region.

  • Product profiles and reviews

    Enter a product name and get access to product profiles and reviews.

  • Free and easy to set up

    Your account is free and takes less than 1 minute to set up.

What's in the box

An all in one storage solution, that looks good and feels right.

Stori - Smart Storage Solution  - in the box
  • 1 x Case

  • 6 x Pods

  • 6 x Tubes

The Case

The Case is designed to provide function and design, inside and outside. 

The Case lid offers an ideal rolling tray, and the inside is engineered to provide optimal space for Pods, Tubes, and your accessories.

Stori - Smart Storage Solution - The Case

The Pods

Store your products in airtight and child-resistant Pods that are built from food-grade material, are odour proof, and offer humidity control.

You can also label your containers with a dry erase marker (included) or digitally through the Stori App.

Stori - Smart Storage Solution - The Pods

The Tubes

Store your products on the go with Stori’s colour coded Tubes. Simply match the colour of the tube cap with the corresponding Pod to identify the strain. 

The Tube cap is designed to let you place your pre-roll securely in place. 

Stori - Smart Storage Solution - The Tubes