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Meet Stori™

A modular 🌿 storage system with a thoughtful and functional design.

  • 1 case

  • 6 pods

  • 6 tubes

The modern way to store your buds

A modular storage system designed to keep your flower and edibles in ideal conditions.

Keep it safe and secure

Store your 🌿 away from children and pets in Stori’s durable child resistant case, pods, and tubes.

Preserve taste and smell

Protect your 🌿 from the elements in Stori's pods and tubes made of food-safe aluminum.

Stay organized, anywhere

Keep all of your strains organized while at home or on-the-go using Stori's color system.

Put a lid on strong smells

Preserve your 🌿 and keep strong smells from escaping Stori's airtight, smell proof pods and tubes.

Take control of humidity

Keep your 🌿 fresh in Stori's pods, with lids designed to hold humidity control packs.

Write your Stori in the App

Track your 🌿 in the Stori App. Search for products, read reviews, and browse recommendations based on the products you store.

Meet the Stori App

Keep track of your 🌿 and discover new products based on your location and what you've stored.

Get the App

  • Product inventory and history

    Stori app uses the Stori color system to keep you organized while listing details about the strains you store.

  • Product recommendations

    Discover new products you might like based on what you've stored and what's available near you.

  • Product profiles and reviews

    Search Stori's complete list of strains with reviews from Stori users.

  • Simple and easy to use

    Designed to make the journey of discovering and storing 🌿 enjoyable.