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Meet Stori. The award-winning stash box.


What Our Customer say

Great amount of storage

I was able to fit 3oz of flower and shake using the pods for flower and the tubes for ready to roll product. My stash has never been more organized.

- Dave


I love my Stori! My buds have never been this organized. It's definitely a showpiece that I love showing off to friends. The dry erase pen with the colour coded pods is a genius idea. With room for extra storage I can keep my papers, hand grinder and other accessories stored together. I definitely recommend this product!

- Stew D.

Exactly what I needed

This is my first storage container that I own and I definitely love it! I can finally organize everything by type and strain! I highly recommend this storage from STORI to anyone who love to see his goods properly organized and labelled. What a blast!

- Cocopops90 C.

Elevate Your Storage Experience for your Plant-Based Goods

Protect Your Stash

Shielding your goods from light and air. Our light-proof and airtight Stori Pods and Tubes are expertly crafted from food-grade aluminum.

Keep Your Stash Fresh

Maintaining the perfect humidity level is essential to preserving the tasty and aromatic terpenes. The lid of each Stori pod is equipped to hold a humidity pack that will ensure your botanical delight remains fresh and flavorsome.

Stay Organized

Stori pods have color-coded caps that can easily be labeled with a dry erase marker. You’ll know which strain is in every pod, and you can even keep track of the dates of purchase.

Store Your Stash Safely

The Stori case, pods, and tubes are equipped with child-resistant and pet-proof closures to prevent curious little ones or furry friends from infiltrating your stash.

Award Winning Stash Box

Award-Winning Design

What was the last thing you bought that had won 6 International Design Awards?

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