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Working from home & Cannabis

working from home and cannabis consumption
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant shift towards working from home, and this change has had an impact on cannabis consumption as well. Here are some ways that working from home has affected weed consumption:

Top 5 Best Strains for creativity

best weed strains for creativity
When it comes to enhancing creativity and getting in the zone for a creative project, certain weed strains can be especially helpful. Here are some of the best strains to consider:

Cooking with cannabis : Cannabis infused chocolate brownie recipe

cooking with cannabis
Get creative in the kitchen with this comprehensive guide to cooking with cannabis. Learn the decarboxylation process, essential tips for using high-fat ingredients, dosing guidelines, low and slow cooking methods, and different cannabinoids to choose from. Follow our easy and delicious Cannabis-infused chocolate brownie recipe for a treat that will impress friends and family. Exercise caution with edibles as they can pack a potent punch.