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Cannabis Storage Tip # 2.  We all love sunshine but our cannabis doesn’t

Stori cannabis storage best practices
We all love those summer days with lots of sunshine, and some of us even crave it, but our cannabis collection at home unfortunately does not. Light is a big factor that will degrade your cannabis quality. The exposure to UV rays diminishes the potency of dried flower. And although mason jars are a great cost effective solution that sure do beat a ziplock bag, if you don’t put the jar into a dark drawer light will still get in.

Cannabis Storage Tip # 1: Keep it moist, but not too moist

best weed containers with boveda

Moisture and humidity are seriously important when it comes to storing cannabis products. Find out the details of why, and how to achieve the right balance by learning more about Stori and Boveda; the best duo around.

First thing, yes - we know how cringeworthy the word “moist” is to some of you, but moistness (even better) and humidity is seriously important ...