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Meet the award winning storage that you will love to show off.

From the beautiful and functional Case, to the color coded Pods and Tubes, the Full Stori was designed with purpose to fit your life at home and on the go.

Holds over 1.5 oz of flower : Each Stori Pod holds up to ¼ oz (7 grams) of your plant based goods, and the Full Stori can hold over 1.5 oz in total.

Made from food grade aluminum : Keeping UV rays out, Stori Pods and Tubes are made from food-safe, FDA approved aluminum. 

Air-tight: The Stori Pods & Tubes are air tight. Keeping the smell in and air out.

Child-Resistant: The Stori Case, Pods, and Tubes are all child-resistant.

Design + Functionality : The Stori Case holds all of your goods in one place and the case lid doubles as a rolling tray. Color-coded caps will keep you organized.

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Stori’s mission is to eliminate stigma with safety, function and design.

  • Keeps your goods all in one place

    A purpose-built storage for all of your plant based goods, papers, lighter, grinder.

    Whats inside Stori Stash Box
  • Keeps UV light out

    Exposure to UV rays will degrade the potency and freshness.

    Stori Pods and Tubes are made from FDA approved food-grade aluminum, which unlike glass containers serves as a barrier against harmful UV rays and prevents the risk of chemical contamination of plastic containers.

    Stori Stash Box Pod & Tube
  • Keeps air out

    Exposure to air can cause the buds to dry out, lose their potency, and become brittle.

    Stori Pods are designed to keep out air and moisture. So, whether you're an occasional toker or a daily toker, keeping your goods in an airtight environment is essential to enjoying the full benefits of your stash.

    Stori Stash Box Pod

Stori x Boveda

We've partnered with Boveda to help you save your terps. The holder In each Stori Pod secures your Size 1 Boveda pack inside the airtight container, creating the ideal humidity to keep your buds fresh and your terps full of flavor.

Lab testing confirmed that your goods will stay fresh up to 14 months in the Stori Pod when paired with Boveda.

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