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Weed Leaves: The Key to Unlocking the Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis

Weed Leaves
Weed, or cannabis, has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. However, it wasn't until the recent legalization of marijuana in many states that scientists and researchers have been able to study the plant's medicinal properties in more depth. One crucial part of the cannabis plant that researchers have been focusing on is the leaves. In this blog post, we'll explore how weed leaves are the key to unlocking the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Why Mixing Weed and Alcohol Can Be a Recipe for Disaster

weed and alcohol

With New Year's Eve quickly approaching, many people are preparing to celebrate the occasion with friends and family. While some may choose to drink alcohol, others may opt to smoke weed. But what happens when you mix the two? Is it safe to mix cannabis and alcohol, or should you avoid doing so?

Weed Ashtrays: What features are important to you?

Weed Ashtrays: What features are important to you?

When searching for an ashtray for weed, what features would you consider? There are many ash trays available in the market from etsy, amazon or cigar accessories retailers but they are all either made for tobacco or cigars, and we all know cannabis consumers have unique requirements for their weed ash tray. Are there any innovative or contemporary features you should look for? Would you prefer an ashtray that is windproof for outdoor use? Or perhaps one with a lids for indoor enjoyment? Do you want a color-coding system like Stori to avoid mixing up your roaches with your weed collection? Avoid the unpleasant experience of accidentally smoking a strain that makes you sleepy before Sunday brunch with friends.

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