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The 10 Strongest Cannabis Strains You Have To Try

The 10 Strongest Cannabis Strains You Have To Try

If you’re very experienced with cannabis, you may be curious about the great wide world of strains. When you’re looking to explore new heights, a different strain may be in order.

So why not test the fields and search for the best strains that match your style?

If finding the best of the best is important to you, categorizing strains by the strength of their effects is the best way to help you dial the vibe in right. 

A Note About Cannabis Strength

With great potency comes great responsibility. While measuring a strain’s strength by its THC content seems logical, this can be somewhat misleading. THC content is one of many factors that determines the way a strain works. 

Some strains with low to modest THC content boast powerful effects due to their balance of other cannabinoids and terpenes. Additionally, THC content is not always consistent. 

While growers often try to maximize the THC content of each strain they grow for an audience seeking heavy-hitting cannabis, there is no standard THC content for any one strain. You may see popular strains like the Hulk and Blue Dream at anywhere from 15% to 30% THC. Did you know that weed from the 70s only had 3-4% THC ?  We’re no longer smoking your grandpa's weed. 

In short: the functional power of cannabis seldom directly correlates with its THC content. 

1. King Louis: The Strongest Strain for Sleep

King Louis has a strong pine and herbal flavor. It definitely tastes like a natural concoction, and for many, it works as an herbal sleeping potion. This notoriously heavy-hitting Indica boasts significant sedative effects. It’s not a strain you should use if you want to go to sleep a little later. It’s a strain you should use if you’re ready to tuck yourself in right now. It’s best to put your pajamas on before you light up King Louis. 

Runners Up: Purple Punch, Northern Lights, Bubba Kush, Mendo Breath, and Blueberry. 

2. Platinum Cookies: The Strongest Strain for Stress

Platinum Cookies taste a lot like white tahoe cookies with a little bit of skunky earthiness in its finish. This is a prized medical strain that people use to manage a wide variety of symptoms, with stress relief among the top reported effects. As soon as you feel yourself getting wound up a bit too tight, take a step back. A few Platinum Cookies will turn your stress down to a dull roar, allowing you to focus on finding a solution rather than worrying over the issue. 

Runners Up: GG4, Wedding Cake, Sherbert, Zkittlez, and Slurricane.

3. Granddaddy Purple: The Strongest Strain for Anxiety

Granddaddy Purple boasts the flavor of red wine, as well as a little bit of the flavor of the cellar it was stored in. It’s fruity, musky, and sophisticated. It also happens to be exactly what you need when it’s time to chill out. If you’re feeling a bit anxious, this beloved Indica-dominant strain does an excellent job of taking the edge off. Give yourself a Granddaddy Purps break, engage in a little self-care, and get back in the game feeling refreshed and soothed. 

Runners Up: Forbidden Fruit, Animal Cookies, Superglue, Original Glue, Gorilla Glue, Sour Dubb, Mandarin Cookies, White Fire OG, and Venom OG.

4.Grape Ape: The Strongest Strain for Pain

Grape Ape has a flavor profile similar to grape soda. It tastes and feels bubbly and effervescent as it washes away your aches and pains. This strain is a favorite among medical cannabis users, but many of us can use a solid pain relief strain from time to time. Grape Ape is just as wonderful for post-workout soreness as it is for chronic conditions. 

Runners Up: Girl Scout Cookies, Do-Si-Dos, Chemdawg, San Fernando Valley OG, and Tahoe OG.

5. Cinderella 99: The Strongest Strain for Energy

Cinderella 99 has a sour and sweet citrus flavor reminiscent of lemonade. It will do something that lemonade certainly cannot. This strain is notorious for being an energizing heavy hitter. As lovely as it can be to sit comfortably in one place, this strain won’t let you stay planted in your chair. You’ll clean the whole house from top to bottom. You’ll dance and socialize all night. The electrifying wave is virtually unstoppable. 

Runners Up: Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, Death Star, Jack Herer, Green Crack, Durban Poison, and Strawberry Cough.


6. Wedding Crasher: The Strongest Strain for Focus

Wedding Crasher is a  sweet and tasty hybrid that boasts flavor notes of vanilla cake and sweet wine. That alone is enough of a reason to give it a shot. The effects of this strain create a relaxed, uplifting, but intense focus. It’s the kind of mental energy you need to complete a difficult or challenging task with steady precision. Whether you use it for hanging new wallpaper or playing video games is completely up to you. 

Runners Up: Zookies, Harlequin, Black Jack, and AppleJack.

7. Vanilla Frosting: The Strongest Strain for Creativity

Vanilla Frosting is sweet enough to slather on a cake. This is the perfect strain for those moments when you need to engage in a creative outlet. Compose something beautiful on your guitar. Take out your old box of watercolors. Knit a sweater, do your makeup, or make a birdhouse. This strain helps you be the most innovative and inspired version of yourself. 

Runners Up: Bruce Banner, Headband, Strawberry Shortcake, Berry Pie, and Cake Batter. 

8. Sundae Driver: The Strongest Strain for Happiness

Sundae Driver tastes like creamy, fruity cereal with an extra hint of grape. There’s something about this strain that gives people the giggles. If you need to spend an afternoon reconnecting with your sense of humor, Sundae Driver (and perhaps a Monty Python marathon) will make it easy to laugh off some steam. 

Runners Up: MAC, Cookies and Cream, Bubble Gum, and Orange Cookies.

9. LA Kush Cake: The Strongest Strain To Put You in the Mood

LA Kush Cake tastes like peppermints and buttercream. It’s sweet, dreamy, and refreshing. Speaking of sweet and dreamy, this strain works beautifully for date night. If you’re looking for a strain to share with someone you love, La Kush Cake might put you both in the mood for relaxation. 

Runners Up: Cheetah Piss, Watermelon Zkittlez, Alien Cookies, Rainbow, and Truffle Butter.

10. White Widow: The Strongest Strain for Socializing

White Widow has a strong earthy, woody aroma. It tastes and smells like the forest. The last place you’ll want to be on White Widow is out in the woods. This is a legendary strain for socialization. In fact, it’s one of the most popular marijuana strains stocked in Dutch coffee houses. This strain makes you want to talk to the person sitting next to you. 

Runners Up: Runtz, AK-47, Banana Kush, Jungle Cake, and Berry White. 

Building a Functional Cannabis Toolbox

weed storage

Your strains are your tools, and your Stori is your toolbox. You wouldn’t tuck a beautiful bottle of wine under your mattress or store your jewelry in a plastic bag. 

Instead, organize your strains based on your preference. Do you have a stain that helps improve your sleep? Use the purple pod. Got a favorite strain for nights when you want to watch netflix and chill? Grab the green pod. Store your cannabis properly and enjoy it the right way. 

The Stori Case is designed for childproof, pet-proof cannabis storage. The aluminum containers help keep your cannabis fresh for longer by blocking out UV light and eliminating the static charge that comes with plastic containers. 

The color-coded lids of each Stori pod can be outfitted with Boveda humidity packs to easily convert them to individual humidors, keeping your strains in perfect condition. 

Stori has six slots for your favorite strains and holds six tubes for prerolls. You can keep a strain for every desired effect handy. You’ll always feel prepared when the mood strikes.

The Stori App will allow you to research, rate, and comment on strains you’ve tried. These notes and comparisons can help you narrow down the vast pool of cannabis to a list of tried and true contenders you know you can depend on. 


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