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How to Store Weed: Weed Storage Tip # 1: Keep it moist, but not too moist


First thing, yes - we know how cringeworthy the word “moist” is to some of you, but moistness (even better) and humidity is seriously important when it comes to weed storage.

Too much moisture can cause mold or mildew, and too low of a moisture level cause the flower to go brittle. Managing the temperature and humidity of your dried flower is a balancing act, but Stori our smart cannabis storage makes it simple.


Why is humidity so important when it comes to cannabis storage?

Without humidity control in your cannabis storage solution, your flower will become brittle and dry, become less potent, and lose its terpenes which are responsible for the flavours and aromas of the cannabis plant. It's like leaving your favourite wine bottle open, or leaving a beer bottle open and expecting it to taste good the next day.


How NOT to store cannabis:

✗ - Do NOT store cannabis in your refrigerator. The fluctuation of temperature can cause mold or mildew.

✗ - Freezers are for ice cream, glass mason jars are for jam, plastic zip lock bags are for sandwiches, ceramic vases are for flowers. Do NOT store cannabis in your freezer.


how to store weed  

How to store cannabis to keep in fresh and prolong its shelf life :

✓ - Use airtight containers made from metal that don't let light in

✓ - Use Use Boveda humidity control packs

✓ - Keep your cannabis in cool dark spots in your home away from electronics which can make the surrounding area warm

What's amazing about Boveda is that it provides a 2 way humidity control - meaning it will add or remove moisture to achieve the desired RH (relative humidity). Cannabis should be kept in the ideal range of 55% - 65% relative humidity based on ASTM standards. Boveda provides two options 58% or 62% RH level depending on personal preferences, but you really can’t go wrong with either one so don't worry. Boveda will protect your stash at the precise RH (58% or 62%) for 2-6 months. It’s a totally worry-free process.

We have partnered with our friends at Boveda to make this easy for you. The Stori pods have built Boveda holders in the lid. The sleeves fit Boveda size 1 made for up to 3.5 grams of cannabis. Genius right? Each one of our pods can hold up to 7 grams of dried cannabis. If you’re storing up to 3.5 grams use 1 size 1 Boveda, if you’re storing 7 grams simply use 2 Boveda size 1 packs.




Feb 15, 2023 • Posted by Grady Haenke

Hello yourstori.com administrator, You always provide useful tips and best practices.

Dec 21, 2022 • Posted by Mick Mankford

Do you have one that can handle prerolls/joints? Thanks!

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