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Upgrade Your Doob Tube: Air-Tight Packaging for Weed

Upgrade Your Doob Tube: Air-Tight Packaging for Weed

Most people don’t realize they need a doob tube until it's already too late. They’re packing up a backpack for a camping trip, a hike, or a music festival. 

They decide they want to take a little bit of cannabis to go, and then they realize that most of what they have isn’t portable. You can’t put a bong, a dab rig, or a glass pipe into a weekend bag without fear that it will shatter into a million tiny pieces. 

That’s where a pre-roll comes in handy. All you need to do is spark it up when the perfect moment strikes. But how are you going to safely get that pre-roll from point A to point B without crushing it or ripping it?

That’s where a doob tube comes in handy, and the quality of that tube is more important than you realize. 

What is a Doob Tube?

In the broadest possible sense of the phrase, a doob tube is a storage container for a single joint. Some doob tubes are only slightly better than putting your joint in a sandwich bag and calling it a day. Other doob tools are perfectly crafted must-have cannabis travel gadgets that make your life a lot easier.

Why Do I Need a Doob Tube?

There are two ways to make cannabis more portable. The first way is to use a vape battery with a cannabis extract cart. If you’re good about remembering to charge your vape or if you carry a charger with you, 

The second way is to roll a joint and transport it safely. Have you ever tried to walk more than two steps with a joint in your pocket? You know how quickly they crumple up, get squashed, unroll, or rip. They need a hard exterior case to protect them.

A doob tube is a solution to that problem. It’s a hard-sided tube with a lid or cap designed to perfectly accommodate a single joint. The hard exterior prevents the joint from bending or breaking during transport. 

Most doob tubes are smell-proof. They’re designed to keep the aroma of your cannabis sealed within the tube, making your cannabis less conspicuous during transport. It also prevents the smell from seeping into anything else you may be carrying. Your whole bag won’t smell dank by the time you arrive at your destination.

Doob tubes are also good to have around the house. If you smoked half a joint, you don’t need to leave it sitting in the ashtray until you come back for it. 

You can stick it in the tube until you’re ready to finish it. Doob tubes are also a great place to store your roaches. When the joint gets too short to hold, toss it in the tube. There’s nothing worse than putting a roach in your pocket or purse and smelling for the rest of the day. 

Is There an Alternative to Doob Tubes?

Many people attempt to make DIY doob tubes out of hollowed-out markers or pens, but it’s a lot of trouble. It’s also very hard to get the ink out. You might pull out an inky red joint when you reach your final destination. The ink will ruin the flavor of your cannabis and your rolling paper, and it will get all over your hands and lips when you smoke. Some markers contain xylene, a chemical that’s extremely dangerous when inhaled

It’s better to invest in a reusable doob tube that will last forever. They’re easier to clean, they’re better at containing the aroma of your cannabis, and they’re a lot more durable than plastic marker casings. 

The Different Types of Doob Tubes

Using a doob tube to transport your joint is always better than attempting to transport your joint any other way. That having been said, some doob tubes fall short in terms of durability and reliability. Before you snag up the first doob tube you find, consider the pros and cons of each style.

Plastic Tubes

Plastic doob tubes are better than nothing. However, clear plastic exposes cannabis to light, causing cannabinoid degradation. Another significant problem with plastic is its ability to hold and transfer static electricity

The whole point of your doob tube is to make it easy to travel with weed. Travel is a lot of movement. Movement and friction can cause static electricity to build up, discharging little zaps that fry the cannabinoids and terpenes in your cannabis. 

Plastic for cannabis storage is generally a bad idea. You shouldn’t be storing any form of cannabis in a plastic container, even if you aren’t travelling with it. Doing so can significantly diminish its shelf life, causing it to rapidly lose potency.

Glass Tubes

Glass is never a good idea for travel. That’s why they don’t put tiny shampoos and conditioners in glass bottles. The entire point of a doob tube is to keep your joint secure until it reaches its final destination. When you’re walking around with thin glass in your bag, how secure do you really feel?

Glass is fragile.

If you drive over a speed bump with your glass doob tube in your bag or if you bump into a doorknob with your glass doob tube in your pocket, you run the risk of breaking it. 

When your goal is to have a chill evening enjoying your favorite strain, the last thing you want to do is pick glass out of your pants. 

To top it all off, glass is just as likely to let in light as plastic. If you unpack your doob tube and leave it out by the pool or on a picnic table, your cannabis will begin to take damage from light exposure while you’re grilling up your meal or putting your tent up. 

Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum doob tubes won’t let you down. Aluminum is light, durable, shatterproof, and opaque. It’s going to keep the light away from your cannabis and keep the smell confined to the tube without the risk of breaking. If you’re going to be out and about with your doob tube, an aluminum tube should give you peace of mind. You can throw your bag around a little bit or take it on an up-hill hike without worrying that anything will break. 

Child-Proof Tubes

If you have kids or pets, child-resistant caps on cannabis storage devices are very important. Although you obviously won’t leave your cannabis in a place where a child would have easy access to it, it’s important to remember that children are fast. In the time it takes you to put your phone on the charger, your child can find every piece of candy in the house. Do you really want to take the risk of your child finding your stash?

Child proof doob tubes are inconspicuous. If your youngster happens to get a hold of one, they won’t know what’s inside. They won’t be able to see or smell the contents of the tube, it would be exceptionally difficult for them to figure out how to get it open. 

We Have the Best Doob Tube

We’ll make this very easy for you. Stori has the best cannabis storage system, full stop. The Stori case comes with six cannabis storage pods and six reusable doob tubes. 

They all fit inside the case, with a little extra room to spare for your papers, lighter, and a small grinder. The lid to the case even functions as a rolling place, making it convenient to roll the doob before you stick it in the tube. 

Our smell-proof doob tubes are made of durable food-grade aluminum and equipped with child-proof caps. The caps on every tube are color-coded, which comes in handy when you keep multiple strains on hand. 

Just plug your strain information into the Stori app, so you’ll know which tube contains Blue Dream and which tube has OG Kush. 

You can take your Stori tubes anywhere life leads you. 

Have you promised yourself a day in the pool to relax, float, eat snacks, and smoke some cannabis? Good thing your Stori tube is water-resistant and will float. If it rolls off the raft, all you have to do is wait to float by and grab it up. 

We have even better news. Each Stori pod holds up to seven grams of cannabis, and they’re just as travel-friendly as the doob tube is. 

If you’re going on a weekend group camping trip, you can bring enough for everyone. In fact, bring the entire case! If everyone else is bringing a six-pack of beer, you can certainly bring a six-pack of strains. 



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