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Take the following steps to install your sliders:

  1. Open the Case lid and turn it upside down
  2. You can place your finger against the long teeth of the slider and your other fingers around the outside of the slider for support
  3. Slowly push the teeth how and the slider will pop out, repeat on other side
  4. Grab your new sliders from the pouch
  5. Note that sliders need to be pulled towards you to Open, so make sure to place the right slider on the right side and the left slider on the left side
  6. Sliders can be easily installed by placing the tip of the teeth at the edge of the opening and slowly pushing them in

Make sure that:

  • Case logo must be facing you on bottom left, and the accessory section in the bottom half of the Case must be on the left hand side
  • When opening, you should be pulling both sliders towards you and when closing, pushing them away from you