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The curious case of Stori


Over the years we’ve all stored our cannabis in a number of ugly, unsuitable storage containers. Whether it was a shoebox, pencil case, or a makeup bag, the one thing that they all had in common was that none of them were actually built to store cannabis. For generations, the stigma that came with consuming cannabis forced people to use these primitive storage methods and hide their cannabis away. For those who enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage from time to time, you know that presentation is important. People like their favorite products to be presented in style and treated with respect. But it’s not just about presentation. Building a storage container for cannabis means paying attention to the details that lack in the second hand, DIY products we’ve been forced to use.


Cracking the case on cannabis storage

With Stori, our brand set out to create more than a cannabis storage device. We wanted to design an ideal experience for the average cannabis user. It’s an all-in-one organizer solution with all the staples for day and night; at home or on the go, and it all fits inside the sleek and stylish quality Stori case.

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Inside the case, you’ll find 6 pods, 6 tubes, and an accessory compartment for things like papers, grinders, or vapes. But Stori’s exterior shouldn’t be overlooked. The case is made of high-quality, durable yet lightweight material. It feels great in your hands and the matte white texture looks even better. It’s something that you can proudly display in your home or wherever you go. Stori’s case is secured by a locking mechanism that keeps children out, and an airtight lid that helps keep products fresh while keeping the smell inside the case. With equal parts of style and function, Stori comes together to provide the storage solution that cannabis users have been missing.


Out of the stone age, into the stoned age

Keeping various strains of cannabis organized, fresh, and ready to consume can be complicated. Too complicated for a beat-up shoebox or a pencil case from the 90’s. At Stori, we’re proud to have designed a cannabis storage solution for the modern consumer, and it’s less than 2 months from shipping!


Pre-order Stori today to give your cannabis the modern and inclusive storage solution it deserves. We plan to begin shipping to Canada, U.S. and Mexico. Take your cannabis storage out of the stone age, and into the stoned age 😉




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