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gift for stoners

Stori is the perfect gift for stoners on your list

Are you on the lookout for a gift that will knock their socks off? Are you looking for a gift that will truly surprise and impress after having given them a glass bong, T shirt, book, doob tube keychain, or ashtray last year? Or even tried a subscription service gift but all that landed was a bong shaped like a fruit ?

Look no further than Stori, the coolest and most innovative weed storage solution on the market. Not only is it practical and convenient, but it’s also stylish and discreet – the perfect gifts for stoners on your list.

The Stori Pair is a great kit to get started with. It includes a Stori tube, a Stori pod, a Stori dry erase marker, and Stori hemp rolling papers. The pod is the perfect place to store your buds, while the tube is ideal for joints or pre-rolls on the go. It's like hitting two birds with one stone!

But, if you're looking to really impress, then you should consider splurging on The Full Stori. This bundle includes the Stori case, six color-coded Stori pods and tubes, giving you a plethora of storage options for all your favorite weed strains. The Stori case even has an accessory bay where they can store their grinder, lighter, or pipe. Talk about convenience!

One of the best things about Stori is its scent-proof and water-proof due to the silicone ring built into the case, pods and tubes. This means you can store your cannabis without worrying about any pesky odors. Stori also helps to keep your weed fresh and preserve its potency. With built-in humidity pack holders inside the Stori pod cap, you can ensure that your cannabis is kept at the optimal humidity level. No more dry or stale grass!

Using Stori is a breeze. Simply fill each Stori pod with your desired weed strain and close the lid and pop it into the child resistant Stori case. The color-coded lids make it a cinch to keep track of which strain is in each pod, so you can quickly and easily find the one you’re looking for. No more fumbling around in the dark!

Your holiday game night will get a whole lot more lit with Stori their your side! Stori is the ultimate wingman to any game table. Just stock it with your favorite buds to share with your buds, and watch as your game nights go from mediocre to legendary. Because let's face it, everything is way more fun when you're baked, right?

They'll fall head over heels and will grow to love their weed storage like never before. It's like when they learned to store their coffee better and now enjoy the perfect brew every day. It's a love affair in the making!

So, don't wait! Don't head over to Edie Parker, head over to Stori and take advantage of the holiday sale before it ends on January 6th, 2023. Stori was a very hot commodity during the 2021 holiday season and sold out in no time. Don't miss out your chance to get the best gift for the stoners on your list.


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