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Stori cannabis storage

Stori fights cannabis stigma with design and function

Stori is a smart storage product. Our mission is to fight stigma with beauty, function and responsibility.

We believe that you should store your flower like you do your wine, with respect and in style. Gone are the days that people should have to store their products out of sight in their sock drawers because they don’t want others to know they consume.

Tell your Stori

Stori is designed to set the tone for today's consumer, the consumer who is looking to store safely, enjoy responsibly and display proudly.

We wanted to create an all in one solution that would provide:

  • Safety: Keep the product away from children and pets
  • Quality: Containers that protect the product’s flavours and scents 
  • Function: For day-to-day use at home and on the go
  • Design: Design that sparks conversation

Stori delivers on this and much more

What’s included in the box:

  • 1 Case
  • 6 Pods
  • 6 Tubes
  • Mobile App

Food grade aluminum Pods and Tubes

The Pods and Tubes are made from FDA approved food-grade aluminum. We wanted to find something light that was durable and made from material that would not alter the taste of the products (flowers or edibles). The aluminum body is light, durable and designed to be airtight, with child-resistant caps.

Keep your products fresh

The Pods can fit just over 4.5 grams of flower - that’s 28 grams (1 ounce) across all 6 Pods. Fill your Pods with different strains or separate your favourite strain across all 6 Pods. This will leave your products fresh longer as you will be able to minimize the amount of air being let in.

The Pod cap also has a place to hold your humidity pack so that you can control the humidity if you’d like. The Tube cap also has a special cap that holds your rolled papers in place.

Safe for kids and pets

The Pods and Tubes are child-resistant which allows you to leave your stash in your living space without worrying about children and pets getting access to it.

Good for consumption on-the-go

The Tubes are odour-proof and have been designed to hold rolled papers for on-the-go or storing flower to roll while you aren’t at home.

Keep track of your products

Use the free mobile app to keep track of your products, read reviews, get recommendations and rate your favourite strains.

Design worth displaying

Stori is more than a storage device. It’s a statement about who you are. Stori is meant to be a part of your living lifestyle, at home and on the go. Stori shows that responsible use is something to talk about, rather than hide.

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