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Stori Cannabis Storage

Staying organized with Stori's color system

When it comes to storing cannabis, one of the most common complaints we hear from people is that they can’t keep their strains organized. But before we deal with that problem, we should ask, why is it important?

There are so many choices!

These days cannabis comes in many forms. But the choices don’t stop there. Experts estimate that there are over 750 cannabis strains in existence in the world today. That’s a library of weed! You have your three common choices of sativa, indica, and hybrid, but beyond that there are enough choices to make your head spin. THC and CBD levels, terpene profiles, flavonoids, and some of the known effects are only a few of the ways you can further distinguish each strain.

When choosing the strains that work for you, you may find certain strains are best for daytime, while others are better for late evenings. You might even find a hybrid strain that becomes your afternoon snack. That's why it’s important to know exactly which cannabis you’re using each time you sit down at your case, and especially when you take it with you on the road.

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A colorful Stori

Six precisely selected pastel colors top off Stori’s sleek white design. They’re bright and inviting but also give off a mood that you can match to your preferred strains. Each of the colors corresponds to the lid and logo on both a pod and cap. It makes it easy to know which strains are where, and what you’re taking with you. Even with the caps off, the colored logo lets you know which lids belong to each pod or tube. Use the Stori marker to write the name of a strain on a lid, or use the Stori App to keep your strains organized wherever you go. It really takes the brainwork out of staying organized.

A smarter solution

The Stori App uses the color system to help you add your strains to the corresponding pods and tubes. Plus, the Stori App will constantly be updated with new information that gives you insight into the strains you store.

The Stori case combined with the Stori App gives you total confidence in what you’re smoking, vaping, or consuming. It’s time to take cannabis into the future and we have the storage system that can do that.

Start your own Stori

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