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how to roll a joint

Rolling 101: A beginners guide on how to roll a joint

Hey there, fellow weed enthusiasts! Are you tired of the same old boring joint rolling routine? Well, fear not, because the Stori grinder and the Stori rolling papers are here to spice things up!

Not only will the Stori Grinder finely grind your herb, but it will also make you feel like a gearhead with its smooth and tight grinding action. And let's not forget about the Stori rolling papers, complete with cardboard filters that are perfect for tucking in that crutch. It's a match made in weed heaven.

Now, let's get to the fun part: rolling that joint!

First things first, gather your materials.

You'll need your Stori grinder, the Stori rolling papers that come with filter paper, rolling tray and of course your fav marijuana strain. Pro tip: play some YouTube videos in the background to set the mood.

Next, place your herb on a rolling tray.

If you have your full Stori handy you can use the top of the case as your rolling tray, if not any good old tray will do. Spread out your bud and make sure it's evenly distributed, just like how you evenly distribute your adhesive when crafting.

If you're using a filter, go ahead and place it at one end of the Stori rolling paper. This will not only keep those pesky flower bits out of your mouth, but it will also give your joint some structure. Now it's time to add the cannabis. Scoop it onto the paper with the filter end facing upwards, and make sure to leave some room at the top and bottom for rolling.

Here comes the cool part: rolling that joint like a pro!

Hold the paper with your thumbs on the cannabis and your index fingers on top of the paper. Start rolling back and forth, shaping the herb into a cylinder as you go. This is where you can really show off your moves. Think of it as a flower arranging competition, but with weed. And don't worry if you mess up, just fill in any gaps with some extra herb and keep going.

Once you reach the end of The Stori Rolling Paper, lick the glue strip and seal that baby closed. Now it's time to twist the ends and give it that finishing touch. You can even use a pen or pencil to shape the ends into a flower shape if you're feeling creative.

And voila, you have yourself a perfectly rolled joint thanks to the Stori grinder and the Stori rolling papers!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Stori gear and get rolling! And if you're looking for some strain recommendations, check out our blog post on the 10 strongest weed strains, or weed straisn for creativity of check out Leafly for some bud-tastic ideas. Happy smoking!


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