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indica vs sativa cannabis storage

It's Not Just Indica vs. Sativa

Hi Friends, 

With cannabis legalization sweeping the world (yay!) we no longer have to buy “mystery” products. We are all on a journey of learning about cannabis and creating our own cannabis stori #yourstori. We are now able to select and purchase different strains with different cannabinoids, potency levels, terpenes, and flavonoids, allowing us to consume different strains for different outcomes. Isn't cannabis legalization wonderful? 

Having so many new options available also brings a lot of questions when selecting the right strain and purchasing cannabis products. In order to make great choices we need to be educated on how to ask the right questions. We're so happy to see consumers graduate from buying whatever was available, to differentiate cannabis strains by Indica and Sativa - but there is SO much more to it than the common categorization of Indica and Sativa. 

For many consumers, Indica vs Sativa is currently the only differentiator known about cannabis. Commonly, Indica is known as sedating “in da couch,” kind of vibe and Sativa is known to be energizing. But did you know that the origins of these terms is from botany, not the actual effects it provides? These terms are used by the people who actually grow cannabis. Knowing which plant type can be helpful but it won't necessarily predict your experience.

So if Indica and Sativa aren’t the best predictors of effects, what is? Stay tuned as we cover that next. 

Discover #yourstori with us. 


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