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how to store weed

How to Store Weed: Weed Storage Tip # 4: Separate your strains



You wouldn’t mix 2 different wines into one glass or two beers into one glass would you? Treat your cannabis the same.

We no longer have to buy “mystery weed”. Consumers are now able to select and purchase different strains with different terpenes, and potency levels. Separating your strains allows you to maintain their individual flavour profiles. We can now consume different strains for different outcomes. Isn't cannabis legalization wonderful?


Here is how you should NOT store weed:

✗ - Do NOT combine different strains in one container like a large mason jar.

✗ - Do NOT store your weed in the store bought plastic containers if you want to prolong the shelf life of your weed


Here is what you should do to keep your weed fresh and potent:


✓ - Store different strains in different airtight containers made from metal that do not let light in. This is why Stori comes with 6 pods - because who doesn't like variety?

✓ - Store your cannabis in cool and dark spots in your house, avoiding any spots that are warm or a prone to temperature and humidity fluctuations that can cause mold

✓ - Label your containers. Use the dry erase marker included or our Stori App.

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