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What Is Exotic Weed? Here Are Some Strains to Try

What Is Exotic Weed? Here Are Some Strains to Try

Medical and recreational cannabis are fascinating things that bring comfort, relief, relaxation, and joy to responsible adult consumers. Cannabis culture is strong, tight-knit, and constantly seeking to improve the great wide world of weed. 

Exotic strains are one of the latest cannabis culture trends, and cannabis users of all kinds have recently started to gravitate toward these new and seemingly elusive strains.

If you’re looking to add new flavors, aromas, and experiences to your cannabis passport, exotic strains may help to shake things up. If you feel like you’ve already sampled it all, exotic strains are likely to surprise you. 

What Is Exotic Weed?

Exotic weed isn’t a regulated term. It doesn’t even have a single socially accepted definition. When a food is described as a vegan to a group of people, they rightfully assume that it doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients. 

When a strain of weed is described as exotic to a group of people, almost everyone is going to have a different idea of what that means. 

Technically, any cannabis grower can call their strain “exotic.” You’ll often see very common popular mainstay strains like Sour Diesel marketed as exotic when there’s nothing exotic about them. There’s nothing to stop deceptive growers from slapping the word on their packaging, and this is something you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for exotic strains.

In general, most people will agree that exotic weed is beautiful to look at, has a tasty aroma, and is very potent. Given this lax definition, almost anything could be considered an exotic weed. It’s safe to assume that anything marketed as exotic weed is a top-shelf (high-quality) strain that isn’t commonly found in your area. 

What Is Rare Exotic Weed?

Rare exotic weed is what most people generally want when they’re on the hunt for exotic weed. Some strains are exceedingly hard to find or to cultivate perfectly. If raising and harvesting a plant properly poses too much of a challenge for a cannabis farm, or if the demand for the strain isn’t particularly high in the area they serve, they’ll forgo producing it. 

It is often difficult for growers interested in producing rare exotic strains to get their hands on seeds. Growers have a tendency to protect their genetics. They know they have something special, and they’re sometimes unwilling to share it with the world. This leads to rare exotic strains being produced exclusively by a single grower. 

Due to federal cannabis laws, cannabis cannot cross state lines. A grower in California can’t make their rare exotic strains available to recreational cannabis consumers in Colorado unless they establish a new cannabis business within the state of Colorado. 

This creates a complicated red tape that may be cut away when federal regulations surrounding cannabis eventually change.

Home growers with a wealth of experience in cannabis cultivation often buy rare exotic seeds and meticulously grow rare plants for their personal collection. If you’re interested in trying rare exotics and you live in a state where you’re allowed to grow cannabis plants for personal use, get some practice with beginner-friendly strain seeds and delve into rare exotics when you feel a little more comfortable in your prowess. 

How To Tell if Weed Is Exotic

You can tell by looking at and smelling cannabis if it’s fresh or high quality. You can’t identify the strain or whether or not cannabis is exotic simply by looking at it.

Whenever you purchase cannabis, the only way to know with any degree of certainty that what you’re getting has been accurately represented is to purchase weed grown by a reliable cannabis grower that abides by high standards from a legal and reputable cannabis dispensary. 

In general, it’s reasonable to expect that exotic stains will look a little more sparkly than other cannabis strains. Exotic strains are typically coated in little white plant hairs called trichomes. Trichomes look like tiny icicles, crystals, or pieces of sugar dusting the exterior of a cannabis flower. 

These trichomes are responsible for the potency and aroma of the weed. They contain the majority of the plant's cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) and flavorful, aromatic compounds called terpenes. You should always be looking for trichomes when you purchase cannabis. Whether or not the strain is exotic, they’re still a reliable way to determine the quality of the flower you’re about to buy. 

Exotic strains often have pungent smells—many strains considered to be exotic smell unusual. 

Most cannabis is forward in the aroma of myrcene, an earthy, sour, and spicy terpene that gives cannabis its distinct herbal smell. Although some strains can smell like gas or even cheese, exotic strains often have sharp and distinct citrusy scents

Exotic Strains Worth Trying

Cannabis culture generally accepts a handful of strains as exotic. Some exotic strains have developed loyal cult followings among cannabis connoisseurs who treat these strains as the standard by which all others should be measured. 

Malawi Gold

For many cannabis enthusiasts, Malawi Gold is just as good as actual gold. Malawi Gold is a landrace cannabis strain that originated in the Salima region of Malawi, a small country on the eastern side of southern Africa. 

This pure Sativa strain is covered in beautiful gold hairs and has a strong citrusy aroma. It naturally boasts moderate THC levels and contains nearly no CBD, making it a stronger, headier high than most common Sativa strains in the United States.

Although Malawi Gold is a beautiful strain with coveted effects, its rarity is a significant part of its appeal. This strain is notoriously hard to find, which is precisely why it winds up on so many cannabis users’ bucket lists. They’re determined to stumble upon it at some point in their lives, and when they finally do, it feels like striking gold. 

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is the undisputed ruler of sedating Indica strains. This strain is heavily sought after by cannabis users who turn to cannabis for deep relaxation and better sleep. It comes on strong, and its effects begin rather quickly. It’s better to smoke Bubba Kush after you’ve gotten ready for bed because you’ll be ready to doze off before you know it. 

If you’re seeking Bubba Kush, you might have better luck at medical cannabis dispensaries than recreational cannabis dispensaries, as recreational dispensaries are more likely to stock strains that play well in social settings. 

You won’t be the life of the party on Bubba Kush, but you’re likely to have some interesting dreams. This strain sees high demand from people who use cannabis as a wellness tool or medicine due to its potent effects. 

Frisian Duck

Frisian Duck is one of the only cannabis plants resembling a cannabis plant. This strain was cultivated and selectively bred for unique characteristics that keep it nearly permanent in incognito mode. The genetic mutation causes the leaves to take on a unique shape similar to a duck’s foot. It doesn’t resemble the universally recognized five-pointed cannabis leaf.

Although it looks like a strange houseplant, it’s an impressive, perfectly balanced hybrid strain with a reasonably high THC content.

Is Exotic Weed Better?

Exotic weed is always better than street weed in terms of quality, but it’s important to remember that “better” is a subjective term. While it would be great to try some new exotic strains, you don’t necessarily have to if their profiles and reported effects don’t seem appealing to you.

Cannabis is a personal experience. There wouldn’t be hundreds upon hundreds of strains if a dozen would do the trick. Everyone is seeking something different from cannabis, and no two people are exactly alike. 

You might be a wine person, and your best friend might be a beer person. You might prefer tacos while your best friend always goes for the burrito. Your best friend’s favorite strain may be your least favorite strain, and that’s completely normal. 

The Takeaway 

Stori loves whatever weed makes you feel happy, as long as it’s responsibly used and perfectly stored. You can use the Stori app to keep track of the strains in your Stori case and rate your experiences with every strain you’ve tried. 

We’ll make it easy for you to find new strains more suited to your taste and help you stay stocked up on your tried-and-true daily strains. 



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