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how to store weed

How to Store Weed: Weed Storage Tip # 5: Be mindful of storage container material

There are now so many cannabis storage solutions available in the market it may be overwhelming to know what's best. Choosing the right material of the containers is important.


Here is what you should NOT do:

✗ - Do NOT use plastic jars or bags. They can encourage sweating. Over time, the plastic will affect the taste of your cannabis.

✗ - Do NOT use glass mason jars. Although they are better than plastic bags or plastic containers they let light in, causing your weed to become less potent.


Here is what you should do:

✓ - Choose sustainable materials - aluminum (metal) or glass are good options. Stori airtight container Pods are made from food safe aluminum like many cookware products.

✓ - Choose opaque containers - clear glass jars won't protect your cannabis the way an opaque container will.

✓ - Use plastic only for short-term transport, not long-term storage.

✓ - Don’t use a tobacco humidor to control humidity. Most use cedar wood, which has oils that transfer and can influence the flavors of your cannabis.

✓ - Store your weed in cool, dark and dry spots in your home to prolong its shelf life and keep in fresh. Warm temperatures and humidity can cause mold.


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