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The Best Stash Box for Cannabis Enthusiasts: Stori

Stori has taken the cannabis world by storm with its beautifully designed and feature-packed stash box. With six international design awards under its belt, including it's easy to see why Stori is quickly becoming the go-to choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

Packaged with Features

1. Stori Pods and Tubes are airtight and smellproof

Stori Pods and Tubes are airtight and smell proof, preventing air and moisture from ruining your weed. Keep your herb fresh, flavorful, and potent for longer with Stori's effective design, perfect for daily use or future preservation.

2. Stori helps you control humidity

Stori simplifies the process of controlling cannabis humidity levels. Using Boveda herb guard packs, Stori helps to achieve and maintain the optimal humidity range of 55% to 65%. These packs release a purified water layer, preserving the essential terpenes and keeping the cannabis fresh and potent for months. Stori Pods are compatible with the size 1 Boveda packs, making it easy to transform each pod into a personal humidor. With Stori, your cannabis will stay fresh, potent, and flavorful, as intended.

3. Stori can store over 1.5 oz of flower and all your accessories

Stori can store a large amount on weed. Stori stores 1.5+ oz with multiple pods as each Stori Pod hold up to 7 grams of flower. With color-coded lids, it's easy to match and organize your products for optimal cannabis use. Storing each batch separately is recommended to prevent degradation from oxygen exposure, ensuring your stash stays fresh and potent. If you are among the lucky ones living in an area where recreational marijuana has been legalized, you can explore a wide variety of strains. Choosing the right strain can make a world of difference whether you want to relax after a long day or gain inspiration for your next project. Nonetheless, without proper labeling, it can be challenging to keep track of your products. Stori's color-coded system allows you to match your products, ensuring that you consume the right strain at the appropriate time. No more worrying about mislabeled or unknown products in your stash box. With Stori, you can stay organized and informed about your cannabis use.

4. Stori is child resistant

One of the standout features of Stori is its child-resistant lock. Unlike traditional stash boxes that rely on combination locks or keys, Stori's lock is seamlessly integrated into the design, making it both secure and discreet. This means that you don't have to sacrifice style for safety when it comes to storing your cannabis.

5. Stori is made from sustainable material

Stori Pods and Tubes are made from sustainable materials, specifically aluminum. Aside from protecting your buds from light and temperature fluctuations, aluminum is highly recyclable and does not affect the taste or flavor of your cannabis. By choosing Stori, you are not only getting a product that enhances your cannabis experience, but also one that is good for the environment. So say good bye to those vintage mason glass jars and say hello to Stori.

6. Stori is multi-functional

Stori case is more than just a storage box; it's a multi-functional tool for your cannabis needs. The lid doubles as a rolling tray, providing a convenient and sturdy surface for rolling your joints or blunts. With the Stori case, you have all your rolling tools organized and accessible in one place.

Award Winning Design

1. Gold at the 2021 MUSE Design Awards

Stori achieved a historic moment in April 2021 by winning Gold at the highly competitive 2021 MUSE Design Awards, with nearly 4,000 entries worldwide. This win marked the beginning of Stori's success, as they went on to win five more awards in quick succession.

2. Bronze at the 2021 Clio Cannabis Awards

Stori's design excellence was recognized at the 2021 Clio Cannabis Awards where they won a prestigious Bronze award. This renowned competition celebrates creativity and innovation in the world of design and advertising, and Stori's win is a testament to their outstanding achievement.

3. Silver at the 2021 IDA (International Design Awards)

Next, Stori won Silver at the 2021 IDA (International Design Awards), which is a recognition of the company's outstanding design work and its impact on the industry. The IDA is a globally recognized platform for designers, and winning a Silver award is a significant achievement for Stori.

4. 2021 Good Design Award

Stori also won the 2021 Good Design Award, which is a highly coveted award in the design industry. This award is a recognition of the company's exceptional design work and its commitment to excellence.

5. Honorable Mention at the 2021 LOOP Design Awards

Furthermore, apart from receiving the five awards, Stori was granted an Honorable Mention at the 2021 LOOP Design Awards, demonstrating the company's dedication to design and innovation. The team is elated with their success in this fiercely competitive industry. The LOOP Design Awards are renowned for acknowledging and commending design that challenges the limits and pioneers new frontiers. Therefore, Stori's recognition among the group of award-winning designs showcases their innovative work.

6. Stori App won the prestigious Red Dot Award in the brand & communication category

The crowning achievement came when Stori App won the prestigious Red Dot Award in the brand & communication category. The Red Dot Award is widely regarded as one of the most significant awards in the world of design and communication, and winning this award is a huge accomplishment for Stori.

Companion Stori App

Stori and its app simplify your cannabis experience by helping you keep track of what works best for you. The Stori app is a free mobile tool that allows you to record and rate your favorite strains. It eliminates the need for messy post-it notes and keeps your stash organized and secure with its magnetic design. With detailed information on the effects of different strains, the Stori app makes it easy for you to personalize your cannabis experience. Download the app now and take control of your cannabis journey.

All of these features come together to make Stori the ultimate stash box for any cannabis enthusiast. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just starting out, Stori's intuitive design and innovative features make it easy to store and enjoy your cannabis with style and security. And with its numerous design awards and press recognition, it's clear that Stori is the best stash box on the market. So say good bye to your vintage wood (black walnut or bamboo) extra large stash boxes of the past and say hello to Stori.


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